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Welcome to the Great Ocean Ducks' online store.

We've created a duck ham with Brendan Bouchier, a well respected butcher from Mortlake after experimenting with duck charcuterie and renowned chef Rob Kabboord's expertise during the crippling COVID lockdowns.


We love the duck ham for many reasons but mostly because it's delicious and we've never seen it anywhere before. If you're as interested in the ham (and wine) as we are, we offer free delivery within 10km of Melbourne's CBD. For those outside the 10km, please get in touch before you order so we can arrange for you to either pick it up from central Melbourne or arrange a courier to deliver it to you.


The good husband and I also published a 164-page hard cover cookbook with photographer Andy Zakeli featuring recipes from acclaimed chefs.

The book has some 36 duck recipes – the foreword is by Dan Hunter at the renowned Brae  – but our book isn’t just about duck recipes. As well as beautiful photography, it features personal stories from the chefs and tales from our farming adventure.

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Chef Lekker.png
Charcutier & Chef at Lekker

Rob’s a Dutchman, a highly respected chef and, to us, a charcutier.

‘The mystic art of charcuterie…it’s food history, preserving food and
meat is the way European villagers survived winters. There is a real
science behind it and I’ve always enjoyed the exactness of it – you
need to use the absolute correct amounts of certain ingredients – but
I also love the frugalness. Every bit of an animal has a use in
charcuterie, every morsel of duck can be used somewhere in the
process. I love the zero waste.'


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